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Smart Mandi is an online platform designed to streamline the agricultural supply chain in India. It connects farmers directly with buyers, including retailers, wholesalers, and consumers, facilitating better price discovery and efficient transactions. The platform offers various services such as real-time market prices, logistics support, quality assessment, and secure payment options. By leveraging technology, aims to eliminate middlemen, reduce post-harvest losses, and ensure fair pricing for both farmers and buyers, thereby promoting a more transparent and sustainable agricultural market.

  • Completed Date: 2023-03-13
  • Category: E Commerce
  • Client: Amiana Inc
  • Location: India

Our Challenge

Smart Mandi faced many challenges. Some were easy to figure out, but some were difficult. However as a team we managed to complete, and launch our product called

  • Technology Integration: Developing a robust platform that can handle real-time data on market prices, manage transactions securely, and integrate logistics and quality assessment tools requires advanced technical expertise and substantial investment.Maintenance And Support
  • User Adoption: Convincing farmers, who may have limited digital literacy, to adopt and regularly use the platform can be difficult. Providing education and support to these users is essential for widespread adoption.Requirements Gathering
  • Logistics and Infrastructure: Ensuring efficient logistics to handle the transportation of goods from farms to buyers is complex. This includes addressing issues related to transportation networks, storage facilities, and timely delivery.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the regulatory landscape in agriculture, which varies by region, is challenging. Compliance with local laws and obtaining necessary licenses and permits can be time-consuming and complex.

  • Market Competition: Competing with established local marketplaces and other online platforms that may offer similar services requires a unique value proposition and significant marketing efforts.

Project Overview

We made Smart Mandi, because of the process farmers have to face if they want to sell their products. We aimed to make the process simpler, by removing a lot of steps. The buyer could buy directly from the farmer, and it would benefit the farmer; also the buyer too. We are proud to announce our latest product